How carefully chosen doors can increase the security of your home

How carefully chosen doors can increase the security of your home

Almost one third of burglars enter their victim’s home via the front door. Admittedly, it’s a scary figure and the thought of someone breaking into your home is terrifying but there are ways to prevent a break-in; an easy fix is to carefully choose your doors, especially your front door.

Perform an inspection of not only your front door, but all of the doors around your home. The hinges should be protected with a strong and dense frame. It may sound obvious, but the letterbox of your door should never allow access for anyone to be able to unlock it. We concede that a nice front door is often the focal point of a house, but security should never be sacrificed for aesthetics.

Doors must be solid and kick-proof, hence hollow frames are simply not an option. A door with a solid-wood core, fibreglass and metal are all options. If you do choose a metal door, an interior reinforcement and a lock block must be present. A door is only as strong as its lock and even the strongest reinforced steel can become weak with a strong kick and if the lock does not extend deep enough into the doorframe, you may be in trouble.

Choosing a New Door

You can deter burglars and put your mind at ease by installing a new door. Polar Bear Windows are just one of many companies that offer a wide range of doors boasting high level security features. Doors with strong security features should always include not only a solid core but reinforced construction, toughened glass and a multi-point locking system. Each door from Polar Bear Windows is guaranteed to boast such features and even more reassuringly, they are rated A+ for energy efficiency so not only will you be protecting your home but also the environment.

A house with a door that boasts strong security features doesn’thave to look like something from Fort Knox. There are 100s of door designs on the market meaning it is easy for you to find your perfect match and transform your home’s appearance whilst also transforming the security system and deterring any burglars. When choosing a new door, you should ensure the locking system is multi-point and is endorsed by the Master Locksmiths Association, like those from Polar Bear Windows. Doing so ensures that your new door is validated by all leading UK home insurance companies so should something happen, you will be eligible for a claim.  Multi-point locking systems should come as standard when choosing a new front door as these are anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-extraction and anti-bump.

It’s also advisable to scrap the shrubbery that’s bordering your doorway. It looks pretty and everyone loves flowery landscaping but shrubs, bushes and trees should never obscure your doorway. It makes it for too easy for a burglar to lie in wait and break into your home without anyone realising.